How to be successful in providing parental control?

Parental control

Children’s safety comes first and protective parents, especially those, who are raising children in the metropolis. Adults are always thinking about children’s’ safety when deciding to install a spy software on children’s phones. Moreover, it is always useful knowing that they are not skipping classes or having suspicious acquaintances behind parents’ back. Spy apps allow you 24/7 tracking child’s online activity and block inappropriate web pages.

This is a challenging task as children today have numerous devices at their service along with unlimited access to the Internet.  Most of the parents have no clue where children spend free time, with whom they are chatting late at night and who are their new friends. Free cell phone spies will provide parents with easy access to kids’ gadgets for ensuring their safety and creating the safer online environment.

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As a rule, such apps are preventing youth from accessing adult web content, lets parents view the text messages: sent, received or deleted ones. Adults are also capable of monitoring social network activity, call logs, Skype conversations, even Viber groups are no longer a secret.

Among features that parent is finding most attractive for parental control are:

  • Viewing kid’s texts or MMSs messages, even deleted ones;
  • Determining children exact location;
  • Monitoring call logs and browser history;
  • Overviewing WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger chats;
  • Access to social networks accounts and looking through the list of friends, etc.

Spy apps are running in stealth mode making it almost impossible to reveal one unless you are deliberately looking for it.

Internet browsing history monitoring feature

This is one of the most important features spy apps provide users with as it helps to prevent some serious consequences. In most cases saving online browsing history is enabled by default, that means everything is ready for successful monitoring, and so there is no need to adjust settings to activate web history log. No matter what web browser is used to the target phone, a list of web pages that were visited will be available.

This feature is invaluable as the Internet nowadays is filled with inappropriate for children and teenagers content. Tech-savvy children often ignore age restrictions provided on the websites, therefore, looking through every website visited by your children is important while setting restrictions.

WhatsApp service and how to spy on it

WhatsApp is another popular type of monitoring apps that grant parents with access to this beloved by teenagers mean of communication. From now on you are enabled to record all WhatsApp messages, numerous attached audio and video files, calls, and even use the phone’s camera to take pictures. It is also easy to spy on SMS, MMS, Facebook, etc. Spy assistant also records calendar data, contacts, geolocation and much more.

For users’ convenience WhatsApp Spy includes following options:

  • Well hidden, WhatsApp spy operates great even on an unrooted device;
  • Records all phone calls, tracks its duration along with contact information;
  • Easily you can find out location of the target device without draining the phone’s battery quickly;
  • WhatsApp Spy monitors all messages, videos, pictures, and audio files that were sent using the device. All this data is recorded and send to personal online account. Information is kept intact even if user tries to delete it;
  • If your child has few devices it is possible monitoring up to 5 devices, phones and tablets, simultaneously;
  • If user decides to change SIM card – you will get a notification;
  • Access to front camera ensures that a picture will be made every time the target phone is unlocked, etc.
  • All reports are sent to a personal account and analysing them parent can maintain online safety.
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